Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system is integral to keeping your household nice and cool, all summer long. Our job as a local air conditioning company is to help make that possible for you. […]

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Duct Cleaning

Getting professional duct cleaning can make a world of difference in your home. The very air that you and your family breathes can be improved greatly, with this single service. […]

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Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality in your house plays a vital role in the health of you and your loved ones. Let us help you better understand the ways in which it can be improved. […]

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air conditioning company san antonio tx

An Air Conditioning Company You Can Trust

Service Now San Antonio is the only name that you need to know when it comes to heating and air conditioning services. Since 1980, our air conditioning company has been providing residential customers with the best in workmanship, customer care and affordable pricing. Now, we look forward to being able to expand our business to meet the market needs of the San Antonio area, as well.

We stand by our “Fixed Right or Fixed Free” guarantee, because we genuinely care about the satisfaction of our clients. We service and repair all brands, makes and models, and keep our work vehicles fully stocked. Our job is to provide you with the service you need, our goal is to make sure that you get the performance and longevity you should, from your cooling system.

The bottom line is that we have made our professional focus residential customers, because we feel this is the most important place for our expertise. Your house should be your dream home, but that is only possible if you have comfort, safety and well-being here. Let us help provide that for you, by addressing your service needs.

Air Conditioning

air conditioning san antonio tx

We carry and provide installation for the most efficient systems available on the market today. Our team of experts can also help you by providing the finest in maintenancel, AC repairs, and other related air conditioning services. We take great pride in being able to provide so many customers with an improved level of comfort, in their own home.

Every customer is our most important one. Just like every job is our top priority, while we are working on it. Of course, this attitude and approach extends out from every member of our team. Each of our professional technicians is hand selected, and must pass a drug test and rigorous background check.

Our experts will also make it a point to treat your home with the respect it warrants; cleaning up any mess we make before exiting the premises. We treat you the way that we would want to be treated, if not better. Let us show you, in person, how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have as a local San Antonio air conditioning company.

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heating service san antonio tx

Obviously, your heating system is just as vital. So getting the quality service that you need, in order to keep things up and running, is key. We believe in going above and beyond so that we do not just meet your expectations, we are able to exceed them.

We want to have the opportunity to work with you and establish a long-term, professional relationship. This is part of how we are able to help you get the peak performance and optimal longevity that you deserve. Even if we do not use our heat in this area, as much as they do in the rest of the country, you should feel confident it will work when you need it.

Don't settle for inferior service and then expect top quality results from your heating system. No matter how high quality your heating system is, it will only be able to function as well as the workmanship invested into it. Let us partner with you to help make sure that the heating repairs, maintenance and installation work you receive is nothing but the best.

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Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning san antonio tx

As soon as your ductwork is installed in your house, it is exposed to debris such as dust and dander. When these contaminants are allowed to collect, they end up wreaking havoc on your household. From creating constant dusty layers on your furnishings to putting your health at risk, you are going to want to put an end up this vicious cycle.

Opting for professional duct cleaning is the ideal way to rid your ductwork of these potentially harmful pollutants. While this is especially important for anyone who is suffering from allergies, asthma or other breathing related health ailments, everyone can benefit. We look forward to having the opportunity to team up with you and help improve your indoor air quality, as well as your quality of life.

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Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality san antonio tx

That is not the only indoor air quality enhancement that we offer. You can also take advantage of the other services we offer, such as air cleaners. This system does exactly that, cleans the air of contaminants that make the quality poor.

This purification and detoxification will provide you and your loved ones with air that is so clean, it even smells better. Want to be able to reintroduce moisture back into the air? Then what you need is one of our whole-house humidifier systems.

A humidifier is not just useful during winter months when the heating system makes your home feel more arid. Adding moisture lowers the risk of spreading germs, helps house plants thrive and can even alleviate snoring. We want to be able to help you and your loved ones breathe easier in your home, quite literally.

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We are dedicated to providing service excellence in all that we do. The good news is that this reflects upon the work we do for you. Get the best in dependable service, quality workmanship and reasonable pricing, by giving us a call today.

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